My name’s Madi! I’m so glad you’re here!

Welcome to my business! I started MHP when I was 20, and it became my full-time career by the time I turned 22. I feel SUPER lucky to capture the best clients and their love stories, milestones, and special moments (talk about dream job!!!). Connecting with sweet clients makes every day really special and unique. 

I’ve had so many moments over the past years where I just stop and realize how thankful I am to be doing what I love. After graduating from college in 2021 and going full time with my business later in 2022, I’ve had so much more time to be creative and to really focus on the individual stories I get to capture. 

So. WHY did I become a photographer? I’ve loved photographing things since I was little. I have 25,000 photos on my iPhone. I’ve been pinning aesthetic photographs on Pinterest for probably a decade. But once I invested in a camera, started my Instagram account (after pushing past the fear of judgment & criticism that I felt SO deeply), and put myself out there, I realized how much I LOVED it. It never felt like a job to me. I had also always wanted to start a business, but never knew what to start. Things fell into place and here I am 2 years later writing my first blog post and making a new website to showcase my work :’) Having a creative-centered, people-centered job is so fulfilling, so rewarding, and I am grateful every day for it! 

Now for a little more about me! I am an enneagram 2, Gemini, ESFJ (but don’t ask me what any of that means lol). I love traveling, and just went on my DREAM road-trip to the Pacific Northwest! It was the most magical place ever. I also love the mountains and take any opportunity I can to be out West. I love reading, springtime, Taylor Swift, feel-good TV shows, Marvel movies, breakfast food and rainy days. 

That’s all for now BUT – thank you for reading! I’d love to hear about you and hopefully work together sometime! If you’re interested, click here to get in touch!!

casual photographer headshot in studio

– Madi

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